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Payal started her career with Moghul Caterers in 2007 and is Director of Catering. She is a self taught expert cook and is very knowledgeable about food, their combinations and presentation. She is also very talented when it comes to creating unique menus for what she considers the most beautiful occasion in a couples life - their Wedding, keeping in mind their tastes, cultural backgrounds, personalities and guest lists. Its no wonder then that most of her clients come to her through referrals.


Kamal grew up in Delhi in a huge joint family where food was always the focus of things. It was like the language of his family; the bonding factor. His roots in the food business took place at home where he realized the importance of the right mix and quality of ingredients to make mouth watering dishes. From his grand parents he also picked up on nutrition and healing value of foods and Indian spices.

Kamal has always wanted to show the world the royalty of Indian cuisine. His debut into the catering and fast food business was through Moghul Express  and Moghul Catering as a partner. Shortly, Kamal bought over the Moghul Catering brand and business, and has grown it many folds. He started the famous fast food business, Mithaas, in Nov 2006 and has grown it to 3 locations in New Jersey. Urban Spice, the Indian fine dining restaurant threw open its doors shortly after Mithaas. He is currently working on two new ventures that explore the Indian cuisine beyond it’s traditional boundaries and will cater to a more mainstream American palette. The first one, Papa Pancho, a pizza restaurant serving brick oven Italina pizzas with Indian ingredients and toppings will open in fall of 2013. The second venture is an upscale Indian fusion restaurant in Atlanta, also scheduled to open later this year.

When he is not working, Kamal likes to go trekking, eat out and try new recipes.


Born in a ‘Zamindar’(Landlords) family in a small village – Muraina (Madhya Pradesh, Central India), Chef Surinder has come a long way. As a child, the mithaai (traditional Indian Desserts) eaten during festivals always fascinated him and he wondered how a mouthful of this magical mithaai can transport anybody to a happy place.

In 1988 at the tender age of sixteen, when most kids his age were busy enjoying life, Surider took the first step towards a career and got his first job as a kitchen helper in the world famous Haldirams Chain of Restaurants. The passion he had and his single-minded dedication soon paid off and in 1991 he was made the Head Chef at the prestigious Chandani Chowk branch of Haldirams. within a very short span in 1993 he was offered the position of Executive Chef at ‘BIKANO’. BIKANO, which is a very big chain in India and a noted international brand too, paved way to a great International career path. In 2002, Surinder moved to United States as a Chef in the prestigious MOGHUL group of restaurants. His work was so well appreciated that the management decided to open Mithaas, a restaurant solely dedicated to the cuisine Surinder has excelled in - pure vegetarian traditional North Indian, Rajasthani, Chaat and most importantly, scrumptious Mithaai.

Surinder resides in New Jersey with his wife, two daughters and a son.


Almost 500 years ago the Portuguese sailed to the East in search of exotic spices and Goa became their main settlement. Here began the spicy Indo-European gastronomic romance. The fiery food of the region, mellowed to accommodate gentler European palates. Continental cuisine was enriched with a bouquet of spices as only the virtuosity of Goan cooks could achieve. This distinct culinary tradition is what Chef Thomas specializes in!  Originally from Goa, Chef Thomas Rodrigues has worked with various five star hotels in India and abroad over the past 27 years. His strength lies in Goan, Continental and South Indian cuisine. Chef Rodrigues age-old Goan family recipes are an exttravaganza not be missed!